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‘Terry noticed her rolling side-to-side, wafting notes of strong white cider and stale tobacco smoke towards him. She seemed to be scrutinising the skyline, perhaps trying to return it to horizontal, as if she were a human spirit level.’

From ‘A Nice Sit Down and a Bit of What You Fancy’ in Truffle (Sept, 2021)
Photo by Lucy Goldring

‘After we’d arrived at the baths and checked the lifeguard rota, we got Dextro Energy out the vending machine. Four tablets at once delivers maximum tingle without the rabid squirrel look. You don’t want to go above five, trust me.’

From ‘Adult Lane Swimming’ in Northern Gravy (Sept, 2021)
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

‘Your two main tribes were the people who treated it like a last all-you-can-eat supper versus your cagey hoarders. The only people making sense were the old school-strike-for-climate lot. When I decided their Co-op Coms were the way forward it was too late.’

From ‘Scarce as Hen’s Teeth and Pot Luck Noods’ in Idle Ink (Sept, 2021)

Photo by Zachary DeBottis on Pexels.com

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